Smart Card FileMaker Developer Kit Released

Waves In Motion is now shipping a plug-in for FileMaker Pro, oAzium Smart Card. The oAzium Smart Card plug-in is designed as a development kit to turn FileMaker Pro Databases into a smart card system. The app ships with the card reader hardware and the installation software. According to Waves In Motion:

Turn ordinary FileMaker Pro databases into "smart" solutions with the oAzium Smart Card plug-in. Waves in Motion today announced the immediate availability of the oAzium Smart Card plug-in and development kit which comes with everything needed to build a Smart Card system, including readers, two cards, example files and the oAzium Smart Card plug-in. The plug-in requires FileMaker Pro 4.0 or higher and runs on Mac OS 9.0 or higher, and is available in beta for Mac OS X.

FileMaker Pro developers can now add security, data mobility and authentication features – all on a computerized smart card – to easily integrate smart card technology in any FileMaker Pro solution.


  • Cross-platform
  • Build and integrate smart card systems for FileMaker Pro
  • Encrypted data stored on a microchip "smart card"
  • Trigger a script when the smart card is inserted & removed
  • Create and delete fields on the smart card
  • Read and write data from a database to the smart card
  • Three levels of access – Admin, User and World

You can find more information about oAzium Smart Card at the Waves In Motion Web site. The oAzium Smart Card plug-in is available for US$189.00.