Smith Micro Launches Stuffit Deluxe 12

Smith Micro Software announced the immediate availability of StuffIt Deluxe 12 on Wednesday. The new version of the file compression application sports a new engine that Smith Micro claims is more efficient at reducing the size of MP3 files, high quality images, and office suite documents.

StuffIt Deluxe 12 can compress MP3 files without reducing audio quality; compresses PDF, TIFF, PGN, GIF and BMP without degrading image quality; includes a 240bit image compressor; can re-compress Zip archives; and can display thumbnails of archived images. It also compresses embedded image and audio clips in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents.

StuffIt Deluxe 12 is priced at US$79.99. Upgrades from any version of StuffIt Deluxe or StuffIt Standard cost $29.99 through April 30, 2008.