SoHo Apple Store Celebrates Two Millionth Customer

Appleis SoHo retail store in New York City celebrated its two millionth customer Friday by giving away more than US$2,000 in Apple gear to one lucky customer.

Christine Quiqless, a local actress from Brooklyn, became the two millionth customer around 4pm EDT on Friday. Apple SoHo store Web site said Ms. Quiqlesshad come to the store to shop for a new iBook to replace her old PC laptop.

She received a silver iPod mini, 12-inch iBook G4, Airport Express, Airport Extreme Card, one year ProCare membership card, one year .Mac membership and an Apple Care extended warranty plan for an additional three years.

Ms. Quiqless didnit stop shopping after recieving her free prizes. She then shopped for a printer and other accessories for her new computer."