Softpress Ships Freeway 5

Softpress Systems announced the immediate availability of Freeway 5 on Thursday. Both Freeway 5 Pro and Freeway 5 Express sport several new features including iPhoto import, sliced background images, and more.

Version 5 also added nested HTML lists, Save Archive, color labeling, CSS menus, customizable blogger templates, additional Actions including Google-specific Actions, accessibility provisions, editable graphic text, transparency effects, and email address obfuscation.

Freeway 5 Pro is priced at US$249 and Freeway 5 Express costs $79. Upgrades from Freeway Pro 4 cost $99, and $49 from Freeway 4 Express. Upgrades to Freeway 5 are free for anyone that purchased Freeway 4 after January 1, 2008.