Software Architects Updates GreatVideo! With VR File Conversion

Software Architects, Inc. has released an update for GreatVideo!, bringing it to version 1.2. GreatVideo! is a utility designed for converting video files from DVD files. The update features support for VR file conversion and speed enhancements. According to Software Architects, Inc.:

Software Architects, Inc., the worldis leader in File system software technology for recordable blue laser and DVD applications, announced release of GreatVideo! DVD Video File Converter v1.2 for Apple PowerMac&Mac250; systems running OS 10.3.

Fast and Easy File Conversion. Version 1.2 converts VR files to usable video and audio files on your Mac fast and easy.

GreatVideo!is UDF file system driver component("ReadDVD!&Mac250;) automatically mounts VR format discs on the Apple "desktop" for standard point-and-click file access using Finder.

Clicking on the VR format volume opens the GreatVideo! ApplicationOpen the .VRO file in GreatVideo!, Select the specific video format desired.

Select the destination disk drive, and start the conversion. GreatVideo! automatically de-multiplexes the video and audio tracks, converts the video file to the desired format and writes the files to the selected target disk drive.

Version 1.2 includes support for Appleis Altivec technology for enhanced computational performance on G4 processor based systems. This saves time when converting large video files.

You can find more information about the GreatVideo! update at the Software Architects, Inc. Web site. GreatVideo! is available for US$89.95.