Software & Hardware Tracker, With FileMaker 5.5, Now OS X Native

DXoft has updated their utility for storing important product information, Software & Hardware Tracker, to version 4.0.6. The latest version, when used with FileMaker Pro 5.5, no runs as a native OS X application. For those that do not have FileMaker Pro 5.5, Software & Hardware Tracker still relies on OS Xis Classic mode for functionality. According to DXoft:

Software & Hardware Tracker is a collection of FileMaker Pro 5 relational database which will help you store and organize useful information (such as registration codes, serial numbers, product notes, etc.) about all your computer products (hardware and software). Relying on the standard Internet Config system, Software & Hardware Tracker is perfectly integrated with your other Internet software. It also keeps track of all your contact information for software and hardware developers, distributors and places of purchase, turning it into a powerful contact and Internet bookmark manager.

When used with FileMaker Pro 5.5, Software & Hardware Tracker 4 now runs as a native Mac OS X solution (the included runtime version of FileMaker Pro is still a Classic application.)

Version 4.0.6 is a maintenance release which resolves several minor issues in the original 4.x releases.

Main changes:

  • Tested with FileMaker Pro 5.5: in that configuration, the program runs as a native Mac OS X solution.
  • The program is now distributed as a disk image rather than using an installer for easy drag and drop installation and better Mac OS X native support.
  • In the Workstation Tracker, some value lists have been updated to take into account new technical specifications.
  • The documentation has been updated to include Mac OS X compatibility notes.
  • A complete list of changes is available on the productis web page.

Software & Hardware Tracker 4 is a major upgrade to the program, resolving all known issues in version 3 and offering many improvements and refinements:

  • Software & Hardware Tracker 4 comes with a runtime version of FileMaker Pro 5, thus avoiding the backward compatibility issues raised by the latest release of FileMaker Pro. People who donit own FileMaker Pro can now use the program. Only users of the PRO version, if they want to customize the program, or publish it on a network, will need to own a copy of the FileMaker Pro 5 application.

  • When used with FileMaker Pro 5.5, the program runs as a native Mac OS X solution.

Software & Hardware Tracker is available for US$25. You can find more information at the DXoft Web site.