Solo Performer Show Controller Hits Version 2.0

Alien Apparatus Company, Inc. has released a major update to Solo Performer Show Controller. Solo Performer Show Controller is a system for controlling the background music, lyrics displays, MIDI effects, and light shows for musicians. The system includes both hardware (a six-button USB foot controller), and cross-platform software for the Mac or Windows.

In the new 2.0 version, Solo Performer Show Controller adds support for sending MIDI files to external MIDI devices, changing MIDI effects settings automatically, sending hotkey commands to control other running applications, and redefining the button functions on the foot controller.

Solo Performer Show Controller plays mp3 files, aiff files, wave files, and MIDI files. It can control MIDI effects units, lights that operate using the industry-standard DMX512 protocol, and can display lyrics on-screen in a karaoke-like manner. The software also includes a utility for stripping out unwanted tracks in MIDI files. With its six-button foot controller, a solo guitar player could, for example, change the reverb on his voice during the choruses, play with backing rhythm tracks, and maintain active control of the lights.

The Solo Performer Show Controller system costs US$395.