Some New MacBooks Display Wireless Info Incorrectly

The New MacBooks launched by Apple last week have 802.11n wireless out of the box, in addition to 802.11a,b,g. However the currently shipping version of the Network Utility app doesnit confirm that.

This reporter was in the Apple retail store at Park Meadows Mall in Denver on Saturday and noticed that even though the MacBooks and MacBook Pros were on the storeis 802.11n network, the Network Utility doesnit properly display the "n" character. See the screen shot below.

A check with an Apple Genius confirmed that all the new MacBooks theyid put on display had that "cosmetic" omission, even though the computer was confirmed to be connected to the higher speed "n" network in the store.

Itis not clear yet if this is a widespread bug in the utilityis info display or whether it simply affected the initial shipment to some Colorado stores. It was suggested to this reporter that Apple would eventually fix that data field display in a future update to make things "look" right.

The problem affects both the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros we looked at. A check of some previous generation Apple notebooks in the store did not show that omission.