Some PS3 Customers Find Blu-Ray Annoying

The advanced Blu-Ray drive in the Sony PS3 is annoying some customers by adding to the cost, making the game console harder to get and forcing customers into a new format theyire unfamiliar with. Thatis the conclusion of the Yankee Group in an article posted at Computerworld on Friday.

Reference was also made to Cymfony Inc. which looks at customer trends and discussions on various Internet sites. Their spokesman reported that "negative Blu-ray conversation indicated a lack of trust in Sony."

A spokesman for the Blu-Ray association was quoted, saying "Sonyis Playstation 2 ... helped push the DVD format... We think the same will happen with the PS3 and Blu-Ray."

Finally, the PS3 is not seen as a Blu-Ray movie platform. Instead, the editor of 1Up Network suggested that the PS3 will live and die by the games it plays.

The article was full of quotes, some based on experience, some based on marketing and positioning. Even so, it provided some insight into the current state of the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD format war which is now being played on the game console field.