Son of Weather Grok Update Fixes Query Bug

Bainsware has released an update for Son of Weather Grok, bringing it to version 4.2.1. Son of Weather Grok is a desktop weather app designed for the display of current global weather conditions. The update features a Query fix with the NOAA Web site and other enhancments. According to Bainsware:

Son of Weather Grok, our popular desktop weather application, has been updated to v4.2.1.

This version fixes the Query feature, which was broken by an NOAA Website update, and makes it much easier to set up forecasts.


  • Fixed the Query feature. The NOAA modifed their Website, and the feature was broken
  • Made it much easier to set up the Forecasts feature
  • Added instructions for the new features to this ReadMe
  • Iim also working on an OS X menu, which should be available in the near future!

You can find more information about the Son of Weather Grok update at the Bainsware Web site. Son of Weather Grok 4.2.1 is available as freeware.