Sonnet Debuts Power Mac, Cube 1.8GHz G4 Upgrades

Sonnet Technologies on Monday introduced a pair of 1.8GHz G4 Encore/ST upgrades, one for use with most Power Mac G4 computers and one designed to fit inside the now-defunct Power Mac G4 Cube. Each of them is US$399.95, $50 less than the 1.7GHz upgrades theyire replacing.

Both upgrade cards, which use the latest G4 processor from Motorola spin-off Freescale Semiconductor, offer 512K L2 cache and feature a factory-attached heat sink. The cube upgrade includes a quiet fan. They come with do-it-yourself instructions, although Sonnet recommends professional installation for the Cube upgrade.

The Power Mac G4 1.8GHz upgrade is available now, while the 1.8GHz Cube upgrade will ship Aug. 8. The former is compatible with the AGP Graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio and QuickSilver models. Both cards require Mac OS 9.2 or v10.3.5 or higher.