Sonnet Drops Prices Up To $50, FastMac Holds Weekend Sale

Sonnet cut prices by up to $50 on several G3 and G4 processor upgrades Friday. The new pricing scheme follows:

For PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet) models (233MHz-300MHz), the Crescendo/WS G3 500MHz is now $199.95 ($50 less).

For Power Mac G4 (AGP, Gigabit, Digital Audio, QuickSilver) models, the Encore/ST G4 1.0GHz is now $199.95 ($30 less), while the 1.7GHz model is $449.95 ($50 less).

For Power Mac G4 Cube systems, the Encore/ST G4 1.2GHz is now $249.95 and the 1.7GHz version is $449.95 (both $50 less).

For Power Mac G3 and Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) systems, the Encore/ZIF G4 700MHz is now $199.95 ($50 less).

Sonnet also cut prices on two of its PCI cards: the Tango 2.0 FireWire/USB combo PCI card has been reduced to $49.95, while the Tempo Serial ATA Host Controller is now $79.95.

FastMac Cuts Prices This Weekend Only

Also, as noted by our DealsOnTheWeb site, FastMac is cutting prices on most products by up to 40% this weekend.

The 3-Day April Fools "No Fooling" Sale includes G3 and G4 upgrades, as well as 16x Dual-Layer SuperDrives, all starting at $99.95.

"Weire excited to be the first to offer a G4 upgrade for under $100," said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development Manager for FastMac Performance Upgrades. "This sale is our way of giving those who?ve put off upgrading one less excuse."

All products come with a 30 day money back guarante.