Sonnet Offers Power Mac, Cube 1.7GHz G4 Upgrades

Sonnet Technologies introduced Tuesday two new G4 processor upgrades to its Encore/ST line, one for the Cube; the other for "Sawtooth" Power Mac G4 systems.

Based on the latest PowerPC G4 processor, the Encore/ST G4 1.7GHz processor upgrades feature 512K of on-chip L2 cache.

Both upgrades detect and configure themselves automatically based on the bus speed of the computer. The Cube model comes with all the necessary hardware, tools and instructions. Mac OS X v10.3.5 is required for both upgrades.

Both upgrades retail for US$499.95. The rest of the Encore/ST G4 single processor upgrades have been reduced in price from $20 to $100, the company said.