Sonnet Technologies Introduces FireWire 800/USB 2.0 PCI Express Card

Sonnet Technologies announced Wednesday Tango Express 800, a PCI Express (PCIe) adapter card for Mac Pro, Dual Core Power Mac G5, Xserve, and Windows computers. The card offers both FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 ports for your Mac (or PC), for those needing expansion of these ports.

The card has three FireWire 800 ports and three USB 2.0 ports (2 external and 1 internal for each). It supports hot-swappable device connection and simultaneous low-, full-, and hi-speed devices. On Macs, the card supports FireWire Target disk mode.


  • Mac Pro
  • Power Mac G5 (with PCI Express slots)
  • Xserve (with PCI Express slots)
  • PC with PCI Express slot
  • Mac OS X Version 10.4.10 and later
  • Windows XP with SP2
  • Windows Vista

The Tango Express 800 is priced at US$129.95. You can find more information at Sonnetis Web site.