South African Newspaper Continues Commemoration of Macintosh's 20th Anniversary

South African technology news site ITWeb has posted a look back at the last 20 years of Macintosh, from the original Macintosh and its associated "1984" commercial, to the first iMac, to the latest Power Mac G5. From ITWeb:

Apple Computeris Macintosh, the groundbreaking computer which revolutionised the industry with the first widespread use of a graphical user interface and mouse, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

The first Macintosh computers which rolled off the assembly line at Appleis California manufacturing plant in 1984 did not look like any other computer. At the time, only a few outside research institutions had even seen a mouse or used a graphical user interface.

Regardless, the Macintosh transformed the industry with its user-friendly mouse and point and click interface that eliminated the need to learn obscure commands to work with computer files. Dragging a picture, called an icon, onto another icon of a trashcan resulted in the file being deleted. It was a revolution.

You can read the full article at ITWebis Web site.