Spamfire Filters Out A Jaguar Update

Matterform has released an update for Spamfire, bringing it to version 1.21. Spamfire is a spam filtering app designed for preventing the delivery of unwanted and pornographic emails. The update features Jaguar support and interface and performance tweaks. According to Matterform:

Spamfire, the anti-spam email filter for Macintosh, has been updated for Appleis latest OS release, Jaguar.

Spamfire is the leading anti-spam solution for home and small business Macintosh users. Spamfire uses fuzzy logic filtering to identify and remove unwanted commercial and pornographic email. Automatic internet updates keep fighting new forms of spam. Spamfire works with any POP3 email account and any email program.

Spamfire version 1.21 introduces support for the Jaguar address book, better integration with Appleis Mail program, and fixes a bug that made the Spamfire application icon disappear in Jaguar.

Answering requests from Spamfire users, version 1.21 also offers a smaller status window, a sorted Friends List and improved support for Entourage and Outlook Express address books. Speed and stability improvements round out the new version.

You can find more information about the Spamfire update at the Matterform Web site. Spamfire 1.21 is free for registered users, while the full version is available starting at US$29.00.