Spark To Be Integrated Into Flash MX

Sorenson Media has announced the integration of the Spark video codec into the soon to be released Flash MX. The Spark codec will enable users of Flash MX the ability to embed compressed video into Flash based Web sites. The integration is designed for interactive video applications on such sites. According to Sorenson Media:

Macromedia, Inc. and Sorenson Media today announced the integration of video support in Macromedia Flash MX and Macromedia Flash Player 6 using the Sorenson Spark codec.

Sorenson Spark enables designers and developers to deliver compressed video as part of Macromedia Flash content and applications. Video support is one of the leading new features in Macromedia Flash MX, which was announced today.

By bringing video support within Macromedia Flash, developers can create entirely new types of interactive video applications while maintaining a higher level of control over the user experience, providing seamless integration of video-based content within Websites.

You can find more information about the Spark codec in Macromediais Flash MX at the Sorenson Media Web site. Flash MX will be available for US$499.00.