Special Edition Broadcasting Features Colin Crawford Tonight

AppleAudio.com has announced the first edition of Special Edition Broadcasting today. The Special Edition Broadcasting features guest speakers from around the Mac community reading the AppleAudio news. The first scheduled guest is Colin Crawford of MacWorld and MacCentral.com. According to AppleAudio.com:

AppleAudio.com launches the new Special Edition Broadcasting today. To kick off the event AppleAudio.com has asked Colin Crawford, President and CEO of Mac Publishing, the company behind Macworld and MacCentral.com, to be the very first host of the Special Edition Broadcasts.

Beginning today, AppleAudio.com will host guest speakers from around the Mac community to do one of their trademark daily news broadcasts. Guest speakers will follow the normal AppleAudio.com format and read the news of the day, which will then be broadcast around the world via AppleAudio.com. The Special Edition Broadcasts will feature a new guest each month.

You can find more information about the Special Edition Broadcasting at the AppleAudio.com Web site. Colin Crawford will be reading the news tonight at 7 p.m. CST.