Speculation Over Apple ThinBook Mounts

Speculation over a possible Apple handheld is mounting. Some call it an Ultra Mobile Portable Device, some a PDA, others a ThinBook. Perhaps even an Apple "PhoneBook." In any case, many observers seem to be thinking along parallel lines, according to Charles Moore at Applelinks on Monday.

There seems to be some consensus thinking about a possible Apple handheld computer. Itis the evolution of the iPhone and iPod touch that have fueled speculation that Apple now has the portable technologies to implement such a device: portable Mac OS X, touch screen, large capacity flash memory, and sufficient miniaturization.

Mac360is Bambi Brannan summed it up best: "An iPhone-like device with a much larger screen, built-in WiFi, flash memory, built-in camera, and ... here it comes ... Mac OS X inside.... The next new Mac will be a bigger iPhone with OS X and everything else inside. It will be a Mac in everything except name."

In addition to a list of all current references to such a device, Mr. Moore pointed to a recent Apple patent filing that adds fuel to the speculation. "Apple is almost certainly working on something along these lines, as underscored by a patent filing of April 17, 2007 but first published in August that notes: iAs a result, connections systems need to be reduced in size to accommodate smaller form factors... For example, a notebook computer may have a highly tapered chassis shape.i, " Mr. Moore noted.

As the evidence seems to gain traction, Mr. Moore doesnit think weill have to wait long for an Apple "ThinBook."