SpeeDex 1.1 Gets Search Speed Boosts

SofWeb has released an update for SpeeDex, bringing it to version 1.1. SpeeDex is a utility designed for the searching and storage of various information. The update features new enhancements including faster searching and card improvements. According to SofWeb:

Individuals looking to find their information quickly will benefit from a program called SpeeDex.
SpeeDex lets users save their information in a freeform format. Searching can be performed on any information stored in SpeeDex.

Developed by Sofweb, SpeeDex is a utility program for Macintosh OS X. Some of the common uses of SpeeDex include keeping track of contacts with notes, serial numbers for your computers or software, home inventory with descriptions and pictures, recipes, to do lists, or just about anything.

New in 1.1:

  • Favorites - You can now bookmark your favorite cards and get to them with a single click
  • Card List - This will list every card in SpeeDex. It takes the first 30 characters of the first line of the card, and displays them in the list. You can click on the title in the list, and it will take you directly to that card
  • Faster Search - Searches can now be performed with amazing speed. As an example, you can find any word usually in under a second, even with 600 cards
  • Search Highlighting - Words that match the search are now highlighted in red and underlined on the card. The first occurrence is highlighted, and the text is scrolled to that location
  • Card Sorting - You can now sort your cards alphabetically
  • Check For Updates - You can check for a new version of SpeeDex from within the SpeeDex application
  • Highlighted links - Web links and emails will be underlined as a hypertext link. You can single click on them, and they will open up either your email program, or your web browser
  • Customizable toolbar - There are now options for making the toolbar smaller, showing just text or just icons on the toolbar

You can find more information about the SpeeDex update at the SofWeb Web site. SpeeDex 1.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$14.95.