Speed Bump Sends MacBC Off Line For A Bit

Our friends at MacBC have run into some problems that are going to keep them off-line for a while. Multiple computer problems have combined to make it impossible to update the site, and so they are going on hiatus. MacBC is one of our favorite Mac sites, and they are also long time members of Team Mac Observer, our SETI@home team. According to MacBC:

Oh boy! Not a good past few weeks for my Macs! First, a series of failures renders my main machine useless - starting with my replacement CD drive not mounting anymore and culminating in a system disk crash and monitor death. So how do you recover a computer without a CD drive???

Then our backup will just not recognize the modem - so I canit get online! (Plus the monitor is extremely fuzzy and hard to look at for more than 20 minutes.)

So for the time being, MacBC must go on hiatus, until we can resolve our unfortunate situation - and hopefully I can recover the files from my computer so I donit have to recreate the work that I have already done!

So for the time being, this is a Mac site without a Mac! Oh, the humanity!

Want to help? Do you know why my CD drive wonit mount anymore? Let me know.

We wish the MacBC team the best of luck in getting back online!