Spin Studio Introduces Marketing Solution for Mac Developers

Spin Studio announced on Tuesday their integrated marketing solution for Mac industry developers called SpinPac. SpinPac is a set of integrated services for developers who need assistance with marketing.

"SpinPac provides an invaluable set of eight essential marketing tools and initiatives that both help announce a new or updated product to Mac customers around the world, and draw attention to it," according to Ed Prasek, the president and founder. "Our innovative SpinPac provides Mac industry developers and companies with the critical marketing initiatives and expert execution that Mac applications and products really need to get off the ground on the right foot and thrive in the marketplace."

SpinPacis integrated services include:

  • One-on-one product and marketing consultation
  • Product press release preparation
  • Mac and Mac OS X Universal badging paperwork preparation and submission
  • Badging implementation consultation
  • Apple Retail Store inclusion request preparation and submission
  • Product submission to Appleis Mac OS X Downloads
  • Product submission to Appleis Macintosh Products Guide
  • Editorial product review request submissions
  • A 90-day product positioning, messaging, and branding refresh service

Prior to founding Spin Studio, Mr. Prasek was an integral member of Appleis Worldwide Developer Relations organization.

The SpinPac is available immediately worldwide directly from Spin Studio for US$2,495.00. Details are available at the Spin Studio Website or via Mr. Ed Prasek, 408-839-6737.