Splasm Software Updates CheckBook With Filtered Searching

Splasm Software has released an update for CheckBook, bringing it to version of 1.1. CheckBook is a utility designed for personal finance management. The update features several user requests including filtered searching. According to Splasm Software:

Splasm Software is very proud to release CheckBook 1.1!

CheckBook is Splasm Softwareis simple, no-nonsense checking and savings account manager. Users can create multiple accounts, enter dates and amounts in their local format, configure Type labels for each entry, search using the new filter field, print entire accounts, filter results or account summaries, reconcile each account and more, all in a streamlined single-window interface.

Weive included several of our most popular feature requests, including:

  • Reconciliation mode
  • A iResolvedi checkbox
  • A iTo/Fromi field
  • Internationalized date and currency formats
  • Built-in filters to search several of CheckBookis fields and filter by date
  • Account Summary printing
  • Updated contextual menus
  • Modernized interface
  • And more!

You can find more information about the CheckBook update at the Splasm Software Web site. CheckBook 1.1 is available for US$10.00.