Sports Scheduling App Released For OS X

Sports Scheduler has released a new scheduling app entitled Team Scheduler. Team Scheduler 1.8 is a sports themed scheduling app designed to cover all aspects of league organizing and scheduling. The app ships ready for most types of sports scheduling scenarios including round-robin and tournaments. According to Sports Scheduler:

NS Team Scheduler, released on 1/25/02, is a shareware application for Macintosh OS 8.1-10.x and is useful for people who organize team sporting or game events. It is truly unique as itis the only available sports scheduling software with complete support for the Macintosh OS. I sincerely hope that I was able to fill the Macintosh sports scheduling void.

NS Team Scheduler can schedule games with any user specified combination of dates and times, regular or irregular. It can organize an unlimited number of teams for an unlimited number of games. Simply fill in the requested information into the wizard like interface, and NS Team Scheduler automates the season, tournament, league, match, round-robin  schedules. The scheduler gives you complete control over all aspects of the schedule, and creates schedules effortlessly and elegantly in accordance the user data entered.

Team Scheduler  comes with a table editor that you may add game times, and make changes to the match locations and other possible last minute adjustments.  Once satisfied with the schedule, it may be exported to an HTML document where you may:

  • View it in the browser of your choice
  • Print within the browser
  • Upload to a Web site to be viewed over the internet
  • Display over a Network

You can find more information about NS Team Scheduler at the Sports Scheduler Web site. NS Team Scheduler 1.8 is available for US$32.00.