Sports Scheduling App Updated With Officiating Enhancements

Niagra Software has released an update for Advanced Team Scheduler, bringing it to version 6.9.1. Advanced Team Scheduler is a sports themed scheduling app designed to cover all aspects of league organizing and scheduling. The update features several enhancements including improved officiating crew management. According to Sports Scheduler:

Here at Niagara Software, we wanted to let you know that weive updated Advanced Team Scheduler to version 6.9.1.

Useful for people who organize team sporting or game events. It can organize an unlimited number of teams for an unlimited number of games. Simply fill in the requested information into the wizard like interface, and Advanced Team Scheduler automates the season, tournament, league, match, round-robin schedules. A great first step and time saving tool for anyone who does alot of match scheduling.

New program features are as follows:

  • ATS now provides support for creation, management, and reports of game officials and officiating crews
  • Officiating crew scheduling options are: Crews can be designated to games in a revolving round robin fashion. Crews can be bound to a specified home location. If there is more than one crew bound to the same location, they are revolved in a round robin fashion at that location
  • Officiating crew constraint resolution options are: Globally to all schedules within a grouping or project. Locally to within each individual schedule
  • Official objects can be imported, exported to the project iOfficial Pooli for easy access when creating new schedule crews
  • New ATS schedule templates may be created that will allow users to quickly design completed project schedules before knowing the object details of the project. As the details of the schedules become more clear, users may fill in the information directly into the ATS user interface to be reflected and updated in all aspects of objects and pre-built schedules

You can find more information about the Advanced Team Scheduler update at the Sports Scheduler Web site. Advanced Team Scheduler 6.9.1 is available for US$32.00.