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Tigeris Spotlight is capable of finding a wide range of files on your Mac, but if all you really want is to perform a quick search for a specific type of item, like a contact or a folder, the long list of items Spotlight shows you is just plain overkill. Spotlight has the ability to limit the scope of item types it looks for - as long as you remember to include the appropriate kind keyword.

A kind keyword is a special term you add to the end of the text you enter in a Spotlight search. The keyword you use limits Spotlightis search to a specific file type. For example, if you want to look up a business contact named Anna, but you canit remember her last name, you can enter "Anna kind:contact" in Spotlightis search field. Your search result will list every Address Book contact with "Anna" in their name.

Spotlight kind keywords filter out items you arenit interested in.

Spotlight includes kind keywords for several different item types like applications, contacts, email, iCal, and more. Hereis a full list of keywords:

Applications kind:application
Audio kind:audio
Bookmarks kind:bookmark
Contacts kind:contact
Email kind:email
kind:mail message
kind:mail messages
Folders kind:folder
Fonts kind:font
iCal Events kind:event
iCal To Dos kind:todo
kind:to do
kind:to dos
Images kind:image
Music kind:music
Movies kind:movie
PDF kind:pdf
Preferences kind:system preferences
Presentations kind:presentations

Spotlight kind keywords are handy when you need to perform a quick search for a certain type of information. If you need a more refined search, however, itis time to move on to Smart Folders. Not familiar with Smart Folders? Check out this Quick Tip.

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