St. Peter Uses A Mac For Managing Heaven

Non Sequitur is a popular cartoon that often deals with the tech world. We received a bevy of notes about this Sundayis edition, which shows a Mac being used in (Christian) Heaven during a discussion about punishment and the afterlife. From Observer Brian:

The comic strip Non Sequitur, in our Sunday Milwaukee Journal, showed Homer the reluctant spirit discussing reincarnation with someone, assumedly saint Peter, who was sitting behind a big Star Trek-style monitor/control station. In the final panel, you can see below the desk, where the CPU is, and guess what, itis a Quicksilver (I can only believe Heaven always gets first call on new hardware).

Hmm... Heaven is run on Macs (maybe I better try harder to get there). Makes you wonder what the other place is run on, eh? Or maybe not. Actually, now that I think about it, Iill bet that Old Scratch uses Macs, too- after all, he may be evil, but heis no FOOL- but Iid also wager that there are PCis in use down there, more along the punishment side!


From Dr. Eric Flescher also wrote in with this:

Cartoon in Sunday newspaper
Non Sequitur
by Wiley Miller
The lives of Homer , the reluctant soul

Discussion in heaven

An old gentleman - higher being is discussing with the character Homer about a character sent back down to Earth This older guy with bifocal type glasses a big mustache and beard and halo, is seated in a cloud with a computer in the 2nd screen In the fourth screen sitting with an arc like keyboard before him with the flat panel monitor screen and a G4 tower like bluish computer with an apple like logo on the side in the foreground (canit miss it).

I guess Macs are heavenly after all and there is the proof - and where are the PCs and Windoze?

Lastly, Observer Ben Sanborn wrote us (first, actually) with the direct link to the cartoon and other observations.

In the August 26 Non Sequitur cartoon, it clearly shows God (or maybe a very high tech St. Peter) using a Mac. The theme of the cartoon is that hardship and pain are a necessary component of life to make you appreciate the good things in life even more... so clearly Windoze falls into the hardship and pain category, while in Heaven itis all about the Mac.

-Ben Sanborn

Check out the cartoon for yourself. The Apple logoid G4 tower is in a panel near the bottom of the cartoon.

Thanks to the people who wrote in with their comments! If you have of a Mac Sighting, let us know.