Steve Jobs: Apple Has a Lot of New Things in the Pipeline

Apple Computer has a "a lot of new things in the pipeline," according to CEO Steve Jobs. While he didnit elaborate as to what kind of things his company is working on, he made the comments in an exclusive interview given to the Guardian UKis Bobbie Johnson.

The interview took place this week, as Mr. Jobs is in Europe doing a press tour for Apple Expo in Paris.

Mr. Jobs spoke about how he sees Apple, saying: "Thereis a very strong DNA within Apple, and thatis about taking state-of-the-art technology and making it easy for people."

The Guardian added that Appleis targets are busy, modern consumers; "people who donit want to read manuals, people who live very busy lives."

Other topics covered in the interview include Appleis environmental programs -- "One automobile is, Iim sure, greater in impact than 100,000 iPods," said Mr. Jobs -- and Mr. Jobs assertions that Apple is not a political company.

"Weire not trying to sell belief," he said. "Weire just who we are. Apple has values we care about; Apple cares about tolerance. We are not a political company, but a company with a set of values."

There is much more in the full piece at the Guardian UK.