Steve Jobs: Apple "On Track" to Deliver Intel Macs

Apple Computer is on track to deliver Intel-powered Macs to the market by June of 2006, according to CEO Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs told reporters in advance of Apple Expo in Paris that "We said weid be shipping by next June and we are on track to have that be a true statement" (quotes courtesy of Macworld UK).

Reporters also asked Mr. Jobs, and Phil Schiller, Appleis senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, whether or not the company anticipated any negative impact on Mac sales because of the transition.

In answer, Mr. Schiller took the lead by asking why people bought a Mac.

"Itis not because of the processor," he said in answer to his own question. "Itis because of the operating system, OS X. Intel Macs will feel the same. The transition can be one that is very easy for customers. It wont be a dynamic shift for our customers."

Getting more (or less) to the point, Mr. Jobs added that his company would "find out" if there would be any impact on Mac sales.

Along a similar line, Mr. Jobs also publicly affirmed that Apple would be building in protections within Mac OS X "so that it cannot be installed in other PCs. We choose to give away some software for free, we choose not to give away other software."

There is additional from the press meeting in Macworld UKis article.