Steve Jobs Cast As "Celebrity" In San Jose Mercury News Balding Line Up (With Pic)

It seems that where celebrity is concerned, Steve Jobs is just as famous as Bruce Willis or Jesse Ventura. Making the cover of the "Style & Entertainment" section of the October 11 San Jose Mercury News, Steve Jobsi balding pate was featured along with eleven other celebrities in an article titled "Cast your pate to the wind." The piece was how being bald has gained in acceptance, as evidenced by 12 balding celebrities (six of which are shown below).

(Click the thumbnail to see an actual sized
scan from the Mercury News)

In a crowd of actors and athletes, it seems slightly strange that Jobs would make it onto a photographic whois who of bald (and balding) men, especially men singled out as celebrities. Looking at the photos (the newspaper asks how many men you can identify from the nose up), it almost seems that Jobs was thrown in to make sure most people didnit get a perfect score. In the answer key, Jobs is only identified by name, as are the other men pictured. The answers are below the Spin, for those keeping score at home.*