Steve Jobs' Mercedes Sports License-Plate-Free Look

Sharp-eyed photographers have spotted what appears to be a Mercedes that belongs to Steve Jobs outside the Yerba Buena Gardens during last weekis "Letis Rock" event and have noted that it has a bar code instead of a California license plate, according to the iPhone Savior.

Immediately after the pictue was posted, a controvery started about why Mr. Jobsi SL55 AMG Roadster has a bar code in place of a standard license plate. .

Source: iPhone Savior

Some investigation showed that another Mercedes E320 Wagon parked nearby also had the bar code underneath the plate, so itis apparently something standard on all Mercedes, not something Mr. Jobs cooked up. Itis just the VIN for that vehicle.

The discussion continued into whether this is legal in California, what the fine might be, and that Mr. Jobs is simply trying to insure his privacy as well as keep his plate from being stolen by keeping it locked in the trunk.

The article has some additional pictures of Mr. Jobsi Mercedes, including one of it allegedly parked in a handicapped zone.