Steve's Other Job: Pixar Announces 3 New Movies

While it is clear that our favorite CEO has his hand firmly on the rudder of Apple Computer, his doppelganger is also firmly in control of Pixar, the animated movie house that gave us Toy Story and Monsteris, Inc. Steve Jobs is the CEO of both companies, sharing his time between the two. According to BBC Online, Pixar has announced what it has in store for us movie-wise for the next 3 years under the Disney/Pixar agreement. BBC Online says this:

The first new movie to come from the companies will be Finding Nemo, an underwater story set to be released next year.

It is being written and directed by Andrew Stanton, who was co-writer and co-director on A Bugis Life.

In 2004, the firms will release The Incredibles, described as an action-adventure comedy centring on a family of superheroes who live in a quiet suburb.

Finally, in 2005 Pixaris cofounder John Lasseter will direct Cars, focussing on several motor vehicles who take a trip on the famous Route 66.

The brief article, titled iPixar and Disney get animated,i has more information and is a quick and interesting read.