Stick Software Updates Trisection With Expanded Languages

Stick Software has released an update for Trisection, bringing it to version 1.2. Trisection is a puzzle styled game similar to the classic game Tetris. The update adds French and Dutch language support. According to Stick Software:

Stick Software today released version 1.2 of their popular game Trisection.

Trisection is a puzzle game for Mac OS X. Trisection follows in the grand tradition of Tetris, involving fitting falling pieces into an existing matrix. But in Trisection, youire matching up colors, not just completing rows.

And unlike the square blocks of Tetris, Trisection uses a triangular grid and pieces, making it a much more interesting puzzle. Itis a very different challenge, and with more than a dozen levels, lots of different Aqua-style rendered pieces, great sound effects, not one but two soundtracks, and beautiful background photos, we think itis a winner.

This version adds localizations for French and Dutch. No bugs were fixed, because no bugs were reported!

You can find more information about the Trisection update at the Stick Software Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$15.00.