Sticky Brain 2 & Backup 2 Public Beta Offered to .Mac Users

One of the benefits of being a .Mac user is the occasional igiftsi that Apple offers in the form of free applications. Currently, Apple is offering a sizable cache of applications ranging from anti-virus software to several really interesting games. Apple recently sweetened the pot by offering two additional applications, Sticky Brain 2 (for a limited time only) and a new public beta for Backup 2, the companyis backup software for .Mac users.

Chronos makes productivity software and one of its flagship products is Sticky Brain 2, a highly rated personal organizer the normally fetches $40 retail; it provides a clean and intuitive way to organize your bits of information into some coherency. Apple will continue to offer this free copy of Sticky Brain 2 through October 1, 2003.

Note also that Apple and Chronos are offering US$10 off of another popular Chronos application; F10 Launch Studio, which allows you to quickly and easily launch any application at the click of a key on your keyboard. This offer is valid through Oct. 29, 2003.

Backup 2 Public Beta is the upcoming replacement for the current Backup application offered to all .Mac users. Backup 2 Public Beta adds a much requested feature, the ability to backup you data to an externally attached hard drive, including iPods.

Both applications are available immediately for download to .Mac members only. You can find more information at the Web site.