Stone Design Shipping TrueBlue 2.0

Stone Design has released new version of TrueBlue, bringing it to version 2.0. TrueBlue is a utility designed for converting TrueType and OpenType fonts to PostScript fonts. The latest release features expanded text conversion. According to Stone Design:

Stone Design, veteran Macintosh OS X software house and makers of Stone Studio(tm), today announced immediate availability of TrueBlue(tm) 2.0.

TrueBlue is a free application to quickly convert TrueType and OpenType fonts to PostScript(tm) fonts and install them into Stone Designis PStill(tm). PStill is Stoneis PostScript to PDF (Portable Document Format) distillery which converts PS/EPS/any image format into PDF, as well as repurposing PDF, tiling posters, chaining documents or flattening PS.

TrueBlue installs TrueType and PS-flavored OpenType fonts into PStill as well as providing an expert interface for detailed font conversion.

You can find more information about latest TrueBlue release at the Stone Design Web site. TrueBlue is available as freeware.