Stone Design Updates Cocoa Design & Graphics Software Suite

The good folks at Stone Design Studio have announced updates to two of the apps included in Stone Design Studio, the companyis design, layout, and graphics suite. The company has updated Create to version 11.4.1, with the new version offering enhanced support for PDF. The other updated app is PStill 3.3.3, which also includes enhanced PDF support. From Stone Design:

Stone Design, the oldest and original Mac OS X software house, today announced immediate availability of new versions of Stone Studio which take full advantage of new features in Panther. Stone Studio includes Create - the three in one illustration, page layout and web authoring application - and PStill - the complete distillery which converts PS to PDF, combines files, shrinks PDF and much more. These are available for download individually or as part of the Stone Studio, the flagship suite of applications designed from the ground up in Cocoa to take advantage of Mac OS X. There is no upgrade charge for current users of any Stone Studio application or StampInStone following the Stone philosophy of"Free Upgrades For Life!" Try the applications out for 30 days free.

According to CEO Andrew Stone,"If you think there is no difference between legacy MacOS 9 ported apps (Carbon applications) and native Cocoa apps like the Stone Studio and Appleis Panther apps like KeyNote, Mail, TextEdit - think different! Just see how fast you can build a Web site by dragging and dropping from Safari into Create! This is not your Daddyis Mac! Itis our fourth year of shipping free upgrades for our customers, and our 16th year working with the original Mac OS X technology - aka NeXTStep"

This release features Create 11.4.1, Stone Designis drawing, page layout, and web page authoring application. This version allows you to instantly create PDF of any graphics which not only contain the industry standard Portable Document Format for use in any other Mac OS X program, but also embeds the native Create format invisibly in the PDF. This means you can simply drop the PDF back into Create to obtain the fully editable original graphics.

PStill 3.3.3, which converts PostScript files to Portable Document Format (PDF) files as well as repurpose PDF, has some powerful features, including an additional expert module for creating a composite PDF out of individual separated plates.

Thereis much more information on this release at the Stone Design Web site, including all of the new features in Create 11.4.1 and PStill 3.3.3. The updates are free to registered owners of the individual apps, or the Stone Design Studio suite.