Streamload MediaMax Stores, Shares 25GB of Media For Free

Streamload on Monday introduced Streamload MediaMax, a service that enables users to store, organize, access and share up to 25GB of media for free. For US$9.95 per month, they can have up to 250GB of storage space, while $29.95 per month earns them up to 1000GB of room.

Streamload MediaMax features Music, TV and Movie lockers for organizing files, along with a File Manager that handles other types of data. PhotoShare enables one-click photo sharing while VideoShare lets users share regular and high-definition videos that can be previewed with automatically-created thumbnails.

The free version of the service limits users to 500MB of bandwidth per month, with a 25MB limit on the size of files sent to other users or stored on the service. The middle level of service has a 25GB monthly limit on bandwidth, with no restrictions on file sizes, while the upper level has a 100GB monthly bandwidth maximum. Those services are $14.95 and $39.95 per month if paid monthly; the fees mentioned above are annual rates.