Studio Artist To Receive 3D Lighting Effects

Synthetik Software has announced that they will be demonstrating a major upgrade to their art synthesizer, Studio Artist, at this weekis Seybold conference. Studio Artist was first introduced at last summeris MACWORLD NY Expo, and instantly became a landmark graphic application. According to Synthetick Software:

Synthetik Software is demonstrating several new enhancements to its award winning software Studio Artist at the San Francisco Seybold Exposition. Studio Artist version 1.5 includes editable keyframe timeline animation for all of the different features available in Studio Artist. This greatly expands the range of potential visual effects for movie processing as well as creates new expressive capabilities for interactive 2D painting.

Paint Synthesizer enhancements include new 3D paint lighting and materials modeling controls, new colorization and dynamic brush texture options, new movie brush capabilities, intelligent auto-regionization, full support for pen tilt recording in paint action sequences, and new gradient effects. Additional new features include a resolution independent core effects processing module called the Texture Synthesizer and improved image and movie morphing capabilities. Studio Artist 1.5 is available immediately and is a free email update to registered Studio Artist users.

Studio Artist Knows How to Paint and Draw
Developed by Synthetik Software Inc., Studio Artist is the first commercial program for computer artists that incorporates research results from cognitive neuroscience investigations into the nature of visual perception in the brain. The program uses human visual modeling to construct an internal representation from a source image that is used to direct smart assisted painting and drawing. The result is Studio Artist knows how to paint and draw.

Studio Artist combines dynamic user-configurable painting and drawing tools along with a complete image processing and video effects suite. A unique hybrid imaging model allows individual paint strokes to have the visual richness of raster paint with the editability of vector paths. Dynamic expressive paint tools or custom art processes can easily be constructed and applied to still images or motion sequences. Users can either paint and draw manually or direct Studio Artistis automatic Intelligent-Assisted? painting actions.

The over 1000 factory presets shipped with Studio Artist barely scratch the surface of the potential visual looks and tactile feels that can be created within the program. Each Preset consists of hundreds of fully editable parameters that can be individually adjusted to control the look and feel of the paint. These synthesizer parameters can also be interactively modulated while painting. This immense flexibility allows artists to create their own art tools or processes with unique visual appearance based on their own personal tastes.

Enhanced Time-Based Effects
Studio Artist 1.5 Paint Action Sequences are now fully automatable over time via keyframe editing on an animation timeline. Every editable parameter within Studio Artist can be animated over time. This includes everything in the four main effects modules as well as all of the extensive selection options available within the program. This vastly extends the range of possible video effects available within Studio Artist.

Paint animation is not just for video effects. Studio Artistis animation capabilities open up a whole new world of potential interaction for 2D artists. Paint animation can be used to perform complex area fills and striking 2D visual effects. Studio Artistis graphics synthesizer is unique in bridging the gap between traditional 2D painting or drawing and motion-based effects.

New Core Processing Module
Studio Artist 1.5 includes a new core processing module, the Texture Synthesizer. Studio Artistis Texture Synthesizer provides a wide range of resolution independent visual effects. The Texture Synthesizer is based on a sophisticated texture generator with integral effects processing and extensive modulation capabilities. Like all of the core visual processing modules, editable Texture Synthesizer presets can be built and categorized for easy access while working. By combining the core visual processing modules of the Paint Synthesizer, Texture Synthesizer, Image Processing Operations, and Image Warping and Morphing, an unlimited number of visual effects can be generated for use in painting on 2D canvases or within video sequences.

New 3D Paint Lighting Effects
The visual appearance of real world art materials is based on the interaction of light with a painted canvas. Studio Artist 1.5 now includes full paint lighting and materials modeling which allows a digital artist to create stunning 3D paint effects. An artist can specify a canvas lighting source in 3-dimensional space as well as how a simulated paint surface visually interacts with a lighting source within the Paint Synthesizer. All of these new 3D lighting effects can be interactively controlled or modulated while painting. This opens up a whole new world of realism for digital art created within Studio Artist.

Studio Artist is available for US$329. You can find more information from at the Synthetik Software web site.