Suav?Ware Updated With WorldClock

SuavéWare Inc. has released an update for StatusMonitors, bringing it to version1.3. StatusMonitors is a utility designed for displaying a variety status windows including weather and disk space. The update features a WorldClock with multiple time zones and layout mods. According to SuavéWare Inc:

StatusMonitors 1.3 released.

StatusMonitors displays plugin style status monitors in your desktop or in a window. Current status monitors included with the product are current weather, disk space, net load, CPU usage, memory usage and a clock.

The highlight of this release is the Clock monitor has turned into a WorldClock monitor. Now you can monitor the time in any time zone in the world. A detailed list of the changes are listed below.

Whatis new:

  • The Clock plug-in has turned into a WorldClock. You can now select different time zones around the world to monitor
  • Layout changes to for the current weather, netload, and diskspace plug-ins
  • Borders are only drawn around a monitor view when it is selected
  • A standard tool tip is displayed for the views for tips on how to use the mouse with the view
  • The demo period resets to 30 days when trying out a new release

You can find more information about the StatusMonitors update at the SuavéWare Inc. Web site. StatusMonitors pricing information available by contacting the SuavéWare sales team.

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