Subversive T-shirt Buried Under Apple's Boston Store

Inspired by a Boston Red Sox fan who buried a David Ortiz jersey under Yankee stadium, Michael Oh of Tech Superpowers has done the same to the Boylston Street Apple retail store, according to the Boston Globe on Monday.

With shovel in hand last month, the Tech Superpowers founder and president slipped across the alley and buried one his companyis T-shirts in the sidewalk next to the new Apple store under construction.

"We just walked in and started digging a hole and taking snaps. When approached, we explained what we were doing," Oh said of the Apple construction workers. "Luckily, that was the morning that the guy had bought the Ortiz shirt on eBay for $175K, so everyone just thought it was humorous."

The buried shirt appears to be simply a humorous gesture by Mr. Oh. "Weire doing it with a wink," Mr. Oh said "We are in business because of the great things Apple has done. But thereis also been blood sweat and tears from our side. This T-shirt in the sidewalk is a symbol that thereis a connection between the two sides of the alley. I have no idea how this will turn out. Maybe Apple will refer us customers. Or maybe six months from now weill be moving out to an office park in Waltham. But at least we can say, yeah, we were here."

The Boston Globe reported that they havenit heard from Apple what they intend to do about the buried shirt.