Summoner Demo Released For PC, No Mac Demo Planned (Updated)

While sniffing around for Mac Gaming News on the PC sites, we found a nugget! Summoner, a 3D 3rd person RPG (role playing game), has been released as a demo for the PC. We contacted Volition and THQ directly over the weekend and they were kind enough to reply with some disheartening news on the developement of a Mac version of the demo. According to THQ, "Right now there is no Mac demo planned."

Graphsim is the company porting Summoner over to the Macintosh which is scheduled for a March 2001 release. You can find more information on the Mac port at the Official Mac Summoner Web site.

We managed to snake a crappy old PC (Athlon 700) and give the game demo a bit of playing over the weekend, and it was definitely interesting.

Summoner, a game developed by Volition of THQ, puts you in the role of Joseph, a man without a home. Joseph is a Summoner, an ancient art that allows the caster the ability to summon immensely powerful creatures to do his bidding. As a young man Joseph had to watch hopelessly as his summoning power destroyed the ones he loved and now wanders the land in search of 5 rings with the help of two other adventurers. Here is a small excerpt from the Summoner Web site.

A Summoneris inheritance is a power greater than magic. With rings of channeling, Summoners call forth demons and golems, supernatural servants and elemental creatures. Summoners have toppled empires and challenged gods. They are venerated as saviors and feared as destroyers. The chosen are born with a mark on one hand, but the origins of this gift were forgotten long ago.

If you have a friend with a PC, or happen to have one lying around, then it is worth giving this little demo a try. To get more details on the game Summoner, go to the official Web site. Watch for our post mortem on the demo soon, as played on a PC. The full Mac version of the game is due for a March 2001 release.