Sun VP: Java for iPhone Coming

Sun Microsystems has taken an interest in Appleis iPhone and has plans to develop a version of its Java Virtual Machine for the combination iPod and smart phone. Vice president of Java marketing Eric Klein confirmed that an iPhone JVM is in the works and will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch some time after June, according to Infoworld.

Mr. Klein commented "Weire going to make sure that the JVM offers the Java applications as much access to the native functionality of the iPhone as possible." He also expects that a large number of Java-based applications will be able to run on Appleis handhelds once the JVM is available.

The company plans to distribute its iPhone JVM through the App Store, Appleis online system for finding, purchasing and downloading iPhone and iPod touch applications. Apple plans to open App Store in June when it releases iPhone and iPod touch Software Update 2.0.

Mr. Klein added "Itis a new platform for us. We might be able to bring additional technologies onto the iPhone and the iTouch."