SuperCard 4.5 To Feature Speed Boosts And More

Solutions Etcetera has announced the upcoming release of SuperCard 4.5. SuperCard is an app designed for software developers and application creators. The latest update features speed enhancements and non-destructive graphic effects. According to Solutions Etcetera:

Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4.5 Solutions Etcetera today announced SuperCard 4.5, a major upgrade to their award-winning authoring environment that is scheduled to ship in time for MacWorld Boston.

SuperCard is used by Mac professionals and hobbyists alike to create just about any type of application including games, teaching aides, utilities, personal productivity tools, automation tools, kiosks, and other multimedia rich projects. Now OS X users will be able to experience the power and ease of use that SuperCard has to offer.

Version 4.5 of SuperCard will bring new power and ease of use to developers, educators, and hobbyists alike. Under 4.5is hood you will find much faster script execution, more responsive text fields, powerful new text and graphic features, more versatile printing, and a new modular help system with increased search capabilities.

And those are just the high points! Other additions include an enhanced editing environment, better mouse and keyboard support, improved interapplication communication, and still more.

You can find more information about the upcoming SuperCard release at the Solutions Etcetera Web site. Upgrades are free for purchases made on or after May 7th, while full version pricing has yet to be determined.