Super Card 4.5 Enters Public Beta Stage

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Solutions Etcetera has announced a public beta release for SuperCard 4.5, the companyis HyperCard-like development environment. SuperCard is a stacks-based authoring environment that allows users to create their own Mac OS X applications. The new version sports many new features, including:

  • Ruler based paragraph-level formatting.
  • Embedded objects in text.
  • Alpha channel graphic masking.
  • Non-destructive graphic effects and filters.
  • Up to 800% faster in executing scripts (according to the company).
  • Enhanced large text-field handling.
  • Standalone modular help system.
  • Full text search.
  • Enhanced keyboard and mouse support.
  • Automatic syntax completion and lookup.

You can download the beta at Solutions Etceterais Web site. The public beta is free, but requires registration.

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