Surfing the Web Anonymously

For the most part, the Web sites you visit when you surf the Internet should be your business, and nobody elseis. The truth of the matter is that your surfing habits are easy to track unless you make an effort to ensure your privacy. Here are a couple of Web sites you can take advantage of to obscure your surfing trail:

the Cloak This Web site works as an anonymous proxy, which means it hides your identity from the sites you visit. You can configure what types of information get filtered out before visiting a site, and you can save your settings as a cookie so that you donit have to re-enter them again. the Cloak is free, but offers a paid service if you need additional bandwidth. is also free, but doesnit offer filtering option controls like the Cloak does. You are limited to 50MB of bandwidth per day, but you can purchase more if you need it.

Guardster Several anonymous Web surfing packages are available from Guardster, ranging in price from free to US$19.95 for six months service. If you want support for SSL services, or Secure SSH Tunnel services youill need to buy one of the packages.

There are several other anonymous Web surfing services available. If there is one you prefer, please share it in the comments.

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