Surround Sound, Mac OS X Basics On Tonight's Mac Show Live

Itis Tuesday, and that means its time for another edition of the Mac Show Live. The Mac Show Live is a QuickTime Streaming broadcast about the Mac industry in the style of a traditional radio talk show. This weekis show includes the Stuffit Group Program Manager from Aladdin Systems and a surround sound expert. From the Mac Show Live:

Tune in to The Mac Show Live this week for another great hour of Mac-Infotainment that will peak your Mac-centric interest!

This time around the Mac Show Live Editorial Team features Paul Garay, Mark Stevens and "Basics main-man" Ron Fairbairn.

Special guests this week include:
Peter Thomas, Stuffit Group Program Manager, and Mike Sokol, Surround Sound Expert,

Itis a power-packed hour of Mac-Zimum Mac Talk with the all-new Mac Show Live at our new day and time...Tuesday, 7pm Pacific.

You can tune in to the show by visiting its Web site on Tuesday, 9:00 PM CST (7:00 PM PST). This is a new time for the show, which used to air on Wednesdays, one hour earlier.