Survey Says: More Consumers Interested in Macs

A survey by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence shows that Apple is the number two preferred brand among consumers who will likely buy a new desktop computer in the next six months, according to an Investoris Business Daily article. Dell was number one, but it was down from its April and May numbers.

Apple was tied with Hewlett-Packard, which has also gained ground since the research firmis April polling. The two companies were cited by 16% of consumers, up from the 11% each one garnered last month and up from the 6% Apple scored in May. Meanwhile, Dellis 41% was down from 48% in May and 55% in April.

TechnoMetrica has been conducting such polls for more than two years and Juneis showing by Apple was its strongest yet. Analyst Constantine Kambanis noted: "The Apple brand -- thanks to the iPod -- has gotten far more exposure among average consumers, who are thus more likely to consider other Apple products."

In the laptop space, Dell was also number one, but its 42% was also down, from 48% in May and 54% in April. In June, HP came in number two with 14% while Apple was third with 7%.

"Appleis brand equity has been improving slowly," Mr. Kambanis said. "This seems to be coming mainly at the expense of Dell."

Thanks to MacNN for the heads-up.