Survivor: The Interactive Game Goes Gold, One Week After Windows Version Ships

We received a note from Infogrames saying that the Mac version of Survivor: The Interactive Game has achieved Golden Master status. This is only one week after the PC version shipped, according to the company, marking a pretty speedy port. From Infogrames:

Only one week after the PC version shipped, Survivor: The Interactive Game for the Mac has gone gold!

The first release in the Survivor series of interactive games announced by MacSoft, an Infogrames Inc. label, was developed for the Mac by The inaugural edition features the real-life casts from the first two Survivor television series - Pulau Tiga and Australia - and incorporates many of the exciting elements from the show including the infamous Immunity Challenges and Tribal Council.

In Survivor: The Interactive Game, players may choose cast members from the first or second season or create their own character. When creating a character, players must allocate points across 10 different skill categories. The strategies deployed must compliment the skill sets of a player, as they will greatly impact the playeris ability to survive the Tribal Council and natureis elements.

Once the game begins, each player chooses a role or task to complete, such as cooking, hunting, fishing or fire tender. The decisions made will affect the players standing within the group and can either hurt or help when Tribal Council arrives. At Tribal Council, players will get the opportunity to vote off other remaining survivors and experience all of the rituals featured in the television.

The Mac requirements for the game are:

MacOS 8.6 or higher 
350MHz G3 or faster 
Rage 128 or better

Infogrames says that the title will be in stores in December. You can find more information on the title at the Infogrames Web site.