Sustainable Softworks Updates IPNetTuner With New Testing Tools

Sustainable Softworks has released an update for IPNetTuner, bringing it to version 1.5. IPNetTuner is an app designed for Internet connection optimization. The update includes new testing tools and configuration documents. According to Sustainable Softworks:

The new version of IPNetTuner, the softwareis first update since March 2001, now includes Link Rate test and TCP test tools. Both tools offer performance graphing, so when a change is made to any Open Transport setting with IPNetTuner, the results of such changes are immediately displayed during an ongoing test.

"Tuning Open Transport to optimize a connection is a complex enterprise since there are so many variables" said Brad Bennett, developer for Sustainable Softworks. "With these two tests, users can tweak one or more variables at a time and then immediately test to see what affect the tweaking of a particular parameter has on their connection."

The software comes with pre-configured documents that will automatically tune Open Transport for an analog modem, a cable, DSL or ADSL modem, and a Sprint broadband wireless connection. A user simply double-clicks on the appropriate icon to launch IPNetTuner, which will then configure Open Transport properly.

You can find more information about the IPNetTuner update at the Sustainable Softworks Web site. IPNetTuner 1.5 (Classic Mac OS version) is available for US$25.00 and the upgrade is free to registered users.