SwapSwapVM beta reaches 0.9.9b4

ScienceQuest has released an update for SwapSwapVM, bringing it to version 0.9.9b4. SwapSwapVM is a utility designed for easy OS X swapfile handling. The update features functionality improvements and bug fixes. According to ScienceQuest:

SwapSwapVM is an AppleScript application made with Smile written to change the target volume (disk; partition) for the Virtual Memory swapfiles in OS X 10.2.x Jaguar. It has been vigorously tested on various configurations under OS X 10.2.0 through 10.2.4.

New features in version 0.9.9b4 include:

  • Qualified for use with OS X 10.2.4
  • Added better error handling for iCanit get current VMi
  • Added better error handling for iCanit parse disksi
  • Added still more improved error handling everywhere else
  • Removed all modal dialogs
  • Improved error information -- less ominous and less arcane!
  • Fixed a launch error if logged under root
  • Updated Documentation

You can find more information about the SwapSwapVM update at the ScienceQuest Web site. SwapSwapVM 0.9.9b4 is donationware and is currently in beta form. SwapSwapVM requires a default installation of OS X 10.2 through 10.2.4 Jaguar (including BSD) and a minimum 832x624 screen resolution.